Ep. #8039

Season 32, Episode 110 -  Air Date: 12/16/1999
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Jessica asks Seth why he is going to Michigan, but Seth avoids giving her a straight answer. Jessica does admit that if there‘s one good thing to come out from discovering that Roxy is her mom, it‘s that Rex is her brother. Speaking of Rex, he threatens to reveal that Roxy stole Jessica before Allison even made the baby switch unless Roxy helps him ruin Seth‘s plan. Meanwhile, Jen becomes violent after witnessing Natalie and Chris being all mushy with each other. Chris still believes Jen doesn‘t know what‘s going on, so he decides to confess all to her later that night. As a result, Natalie promises to wait for Christian. However, before Chris can tell Jen the truth, she lies and tells him that she‘s pregnant. Elsewhere in Llanview, Antonio tells RJ that nothing will ever keep him apart from Keri. At the same time, Keri is stunned by the thought that Liz might be expecting. Because of Liz‘s heart condition, Keri tells Liz that she might have to end her pregnancy if a surrogate mot