Ep. #7793

Season 31, Episode 121 -  Air Date: 1/5/1999
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Starr makes a surprise appearance in Llanview. Joey tries to reassure Natalie that their sister will soon be home safe and sound. After knocking Antonio cold, R.J. douses him with liquor and drags him out of the motel room. Mitch informs a woozy Jessica that they‘ve come home to stay. Joey is pleased when Natalie asks him to perform her wedding ceremony. An angry Cristian comes face to face with Keri, who apologizes for faking her death and promises to right a wrong with Antonio. Blair reminds her daughter how dangerous it was for her to travel from Georgia alone. Later, Dorian decides to go to Savannah and pick Jack up from Cassie. R.J. tells a pleased Evangeline that their partnership deal is back on the table. Antonio comes to in the Richmond station just as Dorian happens by while changing trains. Blair introduces Walker to Starr, who takes an instant dislike to the man. Out of her mother‘s earshot, Starr warns Walker he‘ll live to regret it if he ever tries to take Todd‘s place. B