Ep. #7764

Season 31, Episode 92 -  Air Date: 11/19/1998
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Asa quickly gets off on the wrong foot with Flash during his unsentimental reunion with his great-granddaughter. An enraged Blair storms into the Banner and accuses Kevin of libeling her on the paper‘s front page. Bo finds a dead cop on the docks and guesses that the rogue officer helped Mitch escape from his jail cell. Meanwhile, Lindsay shudders to realize that she dropped her scarf near the scene of a crime. After a preliminary autopsy report reveals that Mitch died of arsenic poisoning, Daniel urges an irked Nora to place Blair under immediate arrest. Jen begins to worry that her mother might be implicated in Mitch‘s murder. Dorian lobbies for a change at the Sun but her ideas are vetoed by Blair and Walker. Nora is dismayed to learn that Flash has been recording tracks with Midnight Logic despite her doctor‘s orders to refrain from singing altogether. Facing Lindsay‘s skepticism, Jen defiantly insists that she‘s happy being Rex‘s bride.