Ep. #7529

Season 30, Episode 113 -  Air Date: 12/19/1997
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Keri remains confident that Antonio will support her decision to be a surrogate mother to Liz. Speaking of Antonio, he receives a call from RJ, who offers a truce. Later, Liz and Antonio meet up with each other for the first time. Elsewhere in Llanview, Christian is shocked, and suffice it to say—Jen is thrilled—when Jen‘s doctor confirms her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Natalie runs into Roxy, who makes Natalie doubt her relationship with Christian. Later, Cristian tracks down Natalie at Llanfair and tells her that he still loves her. Moments after, Jen arrives and tells Natalie that she and Chris are getting married. At the same time, Hank surprises Rae by mentioning that they could be more than ‘just friends.‘ However, Hank is the one in for a shock when he later overhears Rae mention her husband.