Goran Visnjic


Date Of Birth

September 9, 1972


Goran Visnijc was born on September 9, 1972. At the age of 18, he was trained as a paratrooper in the Croatian Army. He was named by People magazine as the Sexiest Import in 1999. He enjoys swimming, diving and fencing. Previously, he appeared in such films like Practical Magic, The Peacemaker and Welcome to Sarajevo. Presently, he is part of the television series ER as Dr. Luka Kovač.

Dr. Luka Kovač is an attending physician in the emergency room. He came from Croatia and even served in the army. Previously, his wife and children died due to a tragic accident which led him to move to the US for a fresh start. Upon arrival, he encounters a lot of women and have different sorts of relationship from one night stands to flings to serious dating.

Place of Birth

Sibenik, Croatian

Birth Name

Goran Visnjic



Fun Facts





2005: Elektra - Mark Miller
2004: Spartacus - Spartacus
2002: Ice Age - Soto (voice)
2001: Posljednja volja-The Last Will - Bepo Stambuk
2001: The Deep End - Alek Spera
2000: Committed - Niko/Neil
1999- : ER - Dr. Luca Kovac
1998: Practical Magic - Jimmy
1998: Rounders - Maurice
1997: Welcome to Sarajevo - Risto







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