Brooke D'Orsay



Actress Brooke D’Orsay was born on February 17, 1982 in Toronto, Canada. Known for her voice work, she obtained her first major acting role in the movie Why Can’t I Be a Movie Star?, which premiered in 2001. Since then, she has acted on several television shows and films that enabled her to rise to fame. In 2002, Brooke D’Orsay got the part of Ellen on the Doc episode titled “All in the Family.” This was followed by a performance on Soul Food, and numerous other small projects. Some were Truths of Insanity, 19 Months, Fortune’s Sweet Kiss, and Everybody’s Doing It. The next year, she portrayed the character Veronica Bell in the direct-to-video film The Skulls III. She then worked on Home Security, The Republic of Love, and Beautiful Girl. After a guest appearance on the series Wild Card, she landed a part in one of the biggest comedy movies to date: Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. This helped give D’Orsay the exposure she needed, and she soon began working on building up her resume even more. She was next seen on episodes of Ace Lightning, followed by her portrayal of Nancy in Life on a Stick’s “Breaking Away” episode. She actually gained plenty of success for her role in the animated Canadian series 6teen, where she voices the character Caitlin Cooke. During that time, D’Orsay was seen on Corner Gas, King’s Ransom, Medical Investigation, and 2006’s Room 10. Also, she got cast as Breanna on the romantic comedy It’s a Boy Girl Thing, which was directed by Nick Hurran. In 2006, she began appearing as Heather Hanson on the short-lived Fox series Happy Hour. The comedy enabled her to work with John Sloan, Lex Medlin, Jamie Denbo, Nat Faxon, and Beth Lacke. The next year, D’Orsay got roles in Wildlife, in Two and a Half Men and on The Big Bang Theory. She played Christy in the episode titled “The Dumpling Paradox.” In 2008, D’Orsay got cast in Five Year Plan, and signed on for roles in Single White Millionaire, and Drop Dead Diva.

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