Prom Queen

Season 2, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 5/10/2011
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From FOX: "When the entertainment for prom falls through, Principal Figgins asks New Directions to perform at the dance much to prom coordinator Sue’s dismay. Things get heated as the competition for prom king and queen draws closer, and Jessie St. James returns."

‘Glee‘ Prom Recap: It‘s Bad to Be the Queen

This week Glee does prom, and while the show gets on its soap box a little bit, I was actually won over by the light-hearted charm of the episode. There was some great advice from Kurt‘s dad, fantastic singing by Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele, a slap, and shout-outs to "Run Joey, Run." Best of all, I found myself laughing a lot, which is all I ask for when watching Glee. I don‘t even mind the fact that the big twist was totally spoiled by that stupid extra.
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