Never Been Kissed

Season 2, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 11/9/2010
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Kurt toys with the idea of transferring schools; Puck befriends Artie as part of his community service.

‘Glee‘ Recap: Well, Bully for You ... and You ... and You Too

OK, Gleeks, I went into tonight‘s episode with bullying on the brain, courtesy of Ryan Murphy‘s interview about the subject with The New York Times‘ ArtsBeat. So take the slant how you will -- and pardon the divergence from what is usually a happy-go-luckiness of our Gleekiness here at BuddyTV -- but as a result, watching tonight‘s episode of Glee, "Never Been Kissed," it made me ask myself: Are we all just bullies? Or at least living vicariously through other bullies by laughing at -- or at least getting some sort of entertainment value out of -- watching other people being bullied?
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