A Very Glee Christmas

Season 2, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 12/7/2010
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‘Glee‘ Recap: How Sue the Grinch Stole Christmas

Ho-ho-OMG, Gleeks! It‘s a very merry Glee-mas tonight. And if you‘re not tearful and bursting with Christmas spirit after tonight‘s episode "A Very Glee Christmas," then I‘m thinking you have a visit from Jiminy Cricket and three ghosts of Christmas in your very near future, Mr./Ms. Scrooge. Now let‘s get to Glee-capping ... The Glee club is trimming a tree and caroling, but the tree, ornaments and (empty) gift boxes were all pilfered -- not very Christmas spirit-y, kids! So Will presents the idea of doing something to help others: The club is going to sing to raise money for homeless children.
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