Season 1, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 11/11/2009
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Will encourages the Glee Club to support Artie, and asks each of them to perform in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, Kurt and Rachel compete for a big solo.

This Week in ‘Glee‘ Quotables: "Wheels"

The Glee quotables page--an equal opportunities employer, unless you get the lines wrong. This week: chocolate, eggs, and stairs to walk all the calories off."Wheels" in one paragraph: The glee kids have to raise funds so Artie can ride the bus with them to sectionals, but their indifference forces Will to put everybody in wheelchairs. Kurt and Rachel have a "diva-off" for "Defying Gravity", but he blows his chance for the love of his dad. Artie and Tina exchange a kiss but fizzles out quickly, and Sue shows more concern than Will gives her credit for.
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