Season 1, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 5/25/2010
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Rachel confronts her mother, while Tina faces an identity crisis. New Directions were given a task to sing Lady GaGa songs.

This Week on ‘Glee‘: The Freaky Little Monsters of McKinley High

Tonight‘s Glee episode is about expressing yourself, and man, did those expressions get expressed. Many of the storylines that were brewing through the past few episodes pretty much came bursting out tonight, from Kurt and Finn‘s domestic dramas to Puck and Quinn‘s baby drama. Oh, and last week‘s motherly reveal, too. Coupled with the frantic onslaught style the show has perfected -- I know, I appreciated the breather last week, so I appreciate tonight‘s "whoa, wait, what just happened?" feel again -- and you‘ve got a pretty strong, albeit not perfect, episode. All that, and without Sue Sylvester.
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