Season 1, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 12/9/2009
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Sectionals is finally here for the Glee Club, but when Quinn’s secret unravels, the club may not be able to recover in time to compete. Meanwhile, Sue’s scheming hits an all-time high, and with Emma and Ken’s marriage looming, Will makes a decision that could change his life forever.

This Week in ‘Glee‘ Quotables: "Sectionals"

The Glee quotables page--the very reason why Sue Sylvester became a Twitter trending topic hours after the episode. This week: Ohio legends, state-paid cynics, and Sarah Newlin from True Blood."Sectionals" in one paragraph: Hell breaks loose. Finn finally finds out Quinn‘s baby is Puck‘s, and backs out. Sue‘s plan gets swinging, and Emma loses a wedding after volunteering to take over New Directions from Will. But, happy endings as always: Sue is found out and suspended, the kids win sectionals, and of course, the kiss that‘s most likely going to be stuck in your head until April.
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