Sam Evans

Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) joined the cast as a regular on Season 2 of "Glee." Adding some much-needed balance to the male contingent, Evans walks the line between the jock-style swagger of Puck (Mark Salling) and Finn (Cory Monteith) and the artsy, alternative stylings of Artie (Kevin McHale) and Mike Chang (Harry Shum, Jr.).

Evans is a transfer student, whose initiation into New Directions has involved some bumps. As a member of the football team, he is on track from the start to become one of the most popular guys in school and his eventual takeover of Finn's spot as quarterback nearly seals the deal. It's no surprise that New Directions' reputation almost scares him away, despite a powerful tryout with the boys, singing the Travie McCoy song 'Billionaire.'

One change of heart later and Sam is firmly established as New Directions' newest member. A weekly assignment on duets brings him into close contact with Quinn (Dianna Agron). The slow but steady development of Quinn and Sam's relationship is a minor plot point, right up until Quinn's refusal to engage in anything more serious than the occasional make-out session causes Sam to come up with a novel and effective, way to calm himself down. He tells Finn about his method for keeping his cool and the situation spirals out of control, with consequences for Coach Shannon Bieste (Dot-Marie Jones).

Sam and Quinn turn out to sing a mean duet and take one of the coveted lead spots at Sectionals. While the team tied, the pair definitely stood out, perhaps setting the stage for future appearances by New Directions' new power couple.

Memorable Quotes:

"lor menari"

"It means you have pretty eyes."

"Its Na'vi. The Avatar language? Lor menari."

"I'm Sam. Sam I am. And I don't like Green Eggs and Ham."