Ep. #9381

Season 37, Episode 207 -  Air Date: 8/30/2002
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**from SoapCity.com**Marlena is surprised to see Agent Spector with John, but John reveals that Spector is his government contact and urges Marlena to tell them what she‘s learned about the key. She tells them about the aliens and Spector abruptly leaves. John also takes off, causing Marlena to call Belle and warn her to take Cassie and Rex somewhere safe because she fears Spector could be after them. Belle/Shawn take them to the hilltop, where a craft circles overhead. They assume that Rex/Cassie must‘ve made contact and this is their mother ship. Unbeknownst to Belle, Rex slips the key into her purse before boarding the ship...Sami badgers Tony to help her with Brandon; Tony agrees in exchange for a favor -- he needs Sami to steal back the key that John stole from him. Sami is horrified and draws the line at usurping her family. Tony convinces her that he‘s only retrieving what is rightfully his and Sami agrees to think about it...Brandon and Lexie discuss their affair and pledge