Round 4

Season 4, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 4/9/2007
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Dancing with the Stars 4.5 Recap: A Fall and a Perfect Score

Tonight‘s Dancing with the Stars brought two long-awaited events this season: someone finally scored all tens, and someone (by which I mean Heather Mills) finally fell down. Tonight‘s dances were the samba and the rhumba. Tom Bergeron points out  we‘re at the halfway point and no men have been sent home so far. First up are Ian & Cheryl. Ian says in rehearsals that the samba is "really hard," and Cheryl seems upset and goes off to pout. But they pull it together, and score all eights from the judges. Len says they‘re competent, but not knocking his socks off. Bruno compares Ian to a powertool, or something. I keep forgetting to turn the captions on and I never quite get what Bruno is saying. Carrie Ann says that Ian could be the best on the dance floor, if he‘s stop underestimating himself.
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