Round 10

Season 4, Episode 18 -  Air Date: 5/21/2007
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‘Dancing with the Stars‘ May 21 Finals Recap

Only three couples are left on Dancing with the Stars, and tonight they dance a judges’ choice round, then a freestyle. The scoring by the judges will also include a dance they’ll do tomorrow – but the audience vote for tonight still counts for fifty percent of their final score. First up are Laila and Maks. In rehearsals, Laila says the freestyle might be hard for her because they can’t do a lot of lifts due to her size. First, though, they get to do the paso doble. The audience gives them a standing ovation, and Len says that while last time their paso lacked fire and passion, but “not tonight, old girl.” (That means he thought it was excellent.) Bruno liked it even more, calling them “totally captivating,” and says this was their best performance to date. Carrie Ann thinks every little thing about it was great too. Two tens and a nine for Laila & Maks.  
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