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Season 3, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 10/3/2006
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Dancing With The Stars, Season 3 Episode 7, LIVE MINUTE-BY-MINUTE RECAP - 10/03

We did it last week and the feedback was good, so we‘re going to continue with a live blog of tonight‘s Dancing with the Stars. If you want to check out last week‘s live blog, click here.8:00: AND WE‘RE BACK!! Dancing with the Stars returns this week, sans Harry Hamlin and his leathery tan. Somehow, Jerry Springer is still here, playing the role of favorite, something I am ecstatic about. 8:02: We‘re live and Tom Bergeron looks at me with that toothless grin. What are you up to, Bergeron?8:04: Mandatory cleavage for all females tonight, whether you like it or not.8:05: The Waltz and the Paso Doble are the two dances tonight. We get a tutorial in both genres. The Paso Doble is "the Bullfighter" dance. According to the tutorial, It must contain the flavor of the bullfight. What is that? Mesquite?8:07: Monique Coleman is up first and she was happy to tie one of her idols, Vivica A. Fox, for first place last week. Her partner says she is a diva, but means this in a good way. When did diva become a compliment?8:08: Monique dances the waltz pretty effortlessly. Frankly, I‘m impressed. Monique is about to cry once she finishes and I have no idea why. 8:10: Give it up for the band!! 8:11: "Like a little mermaid floating above a reef," says Bruno about Monique. Deep.8:12: Eights all around from the judges for a 24 out of 30. About as expected.8:13: Emmitt is up next after the commercial to dance the Paso Doble. He‘ll be playing the role of the bull. 8:15: Emmitt is pissed off after he got the lowest score last week. He wants to channel that anger into his dance. He and his partner decide to take a field trip to the Texas State Fair to look at a real bull. This will help him somehow.8:18: Emmitt really does his best to sell it. Works for me. He‘s still kind of a clunky dancer, though. He should get good scores.8:20: Bruno and Carrie Ann love Emmit‘s power. Of course they do. Len likes it too. 8:21: Three eights from the judges for a 24 out of 30.8:23: Bergeron announces that on tomorrow‘s episode of Dancing with the Stars, Nick Lachey will be our special musical guest. Why, God? Why?8:25: Willa Ford is up next and she is not dressed as skimpily as last week, which is unfortunate. She says tonight, for her waltz, she‘s going to nix the sexy and act like a lady. Willa and her partner take a field trip to take a ride on a merry-go-round. Again, this will help somehow.8:28: They start dancing and it looks fine to me. On something slow like the waltz, I can‘t really differentiate good from bad unless they really mess up. 8:29: All the judges love it.8:32: Len says that a couple weeks ago Willa was "a gnat‘s scrotum away from being eliminated." At least I think that‘s what he said. I don‘t know how to respond. I‘m pretty sure that that was pretty funny, yet it was so unexpected, it only baffled me. Who says stuff like that? Has Len been looking to work that onto a show for ages? Probably.8:34: Eva Longoria is in the house! How much did ABC have to pay her to be there? Six figures?8:35: Two nines and a ten from the judges for Willa for a 28 out of 30. Maybe it was pretty good. See, I don‘t know anything.8:37: Sara Evans, country singer, is up next doing the Paso Doble. She plays the role of the cape. At first glance, I think she needs to work on her "billowing". 8:39: And it‘s a "Phantom of the Opera" themed Paso Doble. Hmm, I don‘t remember the bullfight scene in the "Phantom of the Opera." Again, to me, it looked like she did okay.8:40: Len says that the Paso Doble isn‘t Sara‘s dance. Bruno babbles something about Marie Antoinette and the guillotine. Carrie Ann is kinder, but still says that Sara needs to go for it a little more.8:44: GREY‘S ANATOMY!!!! OMG!!!8:45: Longest. Commercial. Break. Ever.8:46: Sara‘s scores: Two sevens and a six for a 20 out of 30. Sara cites her getting into her role as the reason for her perceived gloominess.8:48: Jerry‘s daughter is here to watch him dance the Waltz, the dance he wants to do well so he can dance it her wedding. He vows to be serious this time, and he gets pretty schmaltzy to the camera. He seems genuine, and I‘ve always liked Jerry, so I‘m rooting for the former mayor.8:50: Jerry‘s dancing well, but he‘s lip-syncing all the words to the song. You‘re not supposed to do that, right?8:52: Bruno loves it, says it was the best dance for him today. Carrie Ann says Jerry "touched us all". Len also loves it, calls it a "delight". Bergeron makes a freaking Bambi joke. Bergeron, you dog.8:55: I‘m pretty sure ABC could fit all the dances, at this point, into a one-hour show. There seem to be A LOT of ads tonight. 8:57: Finally back to get Jerry‘s scores: Two sevens and a eight for a 22 out of 30.8:58: There‘s a multitude of crying tonight. 8:59: Vivica A. Fox is up next to perform the Paso Doble. To learn it, Vivica and partner visit Las Vegas. Vivica says that her inspiration this week is Catherin Zeta-Jones. Well, then.9:01: They‘re dancing to a cover of a Bon Jovi song, which seems wildly out of place. Vivica looks to be doing quite well, though.9:02: Wait, was that Carl Lewis in the crowd? Tell me it was. Oh, it probably wasn‘t. Damn it. 9:03: The judges like it, don‘t love it. Carrie Ann wants more femininity from Vivica.9:05: Vivica‘s partner Nick looks like a vaguely European bad guy from a Seagal movie.9:06: Vivica gets three eights for a 24 from the judges.9:09:
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