Season 3, Episode 19 -  Air Date: 11/14/2006
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Dancing With The Stars, Season 3 Episode 19, LIVE MINUTE-BY-MINUTE RECAP - 11/14

It‘s the finals, baby! We‘ve made it. It‘s been a long, hard road and now we‘re here at the Dancing with the Stars finals. One dancer who we expected to be here is (Mario Lopez) and one who no one expected to be here (Emmitt Smith) has exceeded all expectations and found himself in the finals. Who‘s going to put on the best show tonight? Each celebrity gets three dances each and, although Mario may be the heavy favorite, you never know what might happen. I know I‘ll be rooting for my man Emmitt all the way. The live blog will begin at 8PM ET/5PM PT. The updates will come every few minutes so don‘t forget to hit refresh.
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