7 Couples Perform

Season 16, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 4/29/2013
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‘Dancing with the Stars‘ Recap: Latin Dance-Offs

This week marks the return of Dancing with the Stars‘ venerable Latin night, in which the stars perform rumbas, salsas and paso dobles. More intriguingly, the second half will feature the remaining six couples pairing off for dance-off bonus points -- this is the third straight week that the contestants are asked to dance side by side with others, and the stragglers will have a harder time than ever.This hasn‘t been a terribly suspenseful season, in large part because the talent difference is so pronounced. I‘ve enjoyed rooting for Andy, but give or take a bad night from Ingo or Sean, he‘s probably next to go. If anything changes substantially tonight, it‘ll be the most miraculous dance-off this side of an ‘80s movie.
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