1 of 8 Couples Eliminated

Season 16, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 4/23/2013
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‘Dancing with the Stars‘ Results: (Stevie) Wonder Who‘s Going Home?

The big question tonight: will Andy Dick or Victor Ortiz be eliminated. Andy was the butt of no less than three "just don‘t be the worst" jokes last night, including one from Len himself. Everyone‘s written him off, and his lackluster samba did him no favors.Victor, on the other hand, is a perfect vacuum of talent, charisma and anything resembling investment or effort. His segments range from boring to awkward, and his partner Lindsay frequently appears on the edge of strangling him. He‘s bad at dancing, he‘s not getting better, and he has all the personality of a sullen teenager. Not to tip my hand here, but I‘m ready for him to go.
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