Top 8 Perform

Season 10, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 4/19/2010
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The 8 remaining couples dance to iconic themes from famous movies.

‘Dancing with the Stars‘ Movie Night Recap: Eight Legged Freaks

It‘s movie night on Dancing with the Stars, so I thought it fitting to pick a movie title as my headline, and one that reflects what we‘re about to see in tonight‘s performance show: the eight remaining stars, many of whom are quite long-legged (and love to show it off, ahem, Erin Andrews), are about to get freaky out on the dance floor with an assortment of jives, quicksteps, cha-chas, tangos, foxtrots and rumbas, all inspired by iconic films. Can‘t wait? Find out who‘s dancing what tonight!So before I get nasty comments:
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