Week 7 PoV

Season 13, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 8/24/2011
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‘Big Brother 13‘ Recap: Best Zings from the Zingbot‘s Return

The actual gameplay in this episode of Big Brother 13 is kind of boring. Jeff spends the whole time acting like he‘s weighing his options, but it‘s very obvious that, regardless of what anyone says, he wants to backdoor Daniele and that‘s exactly what he does after winning the veto and taking Porsche off the block.He still has a chip on his shoulder about Daniele trying to backdoor him in week 3, and that‘s the only reason he seems to be doing this. So all that time he spent figuring out what to do this week was a total lie because he‘s obviously been wanting to backdoor Daniele for the past four weeks. It didn‘t matter what she said this week and it didn‘t matter that Jeff promised not to put her up as a replacement nominee. Anything and everything Jeff did to suggest that his mind wasn‘t made up was a lie.
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