Week 5 PoV

Season 13, Episode 15 -  Air Date: 8/10/2011
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‘Big Brother 13‘ Recap: Lawon Flew Over the Cuckoo‘s Nest

Friends, Romans, Big Brother 13 fans, lend me your ears. In this episode we get a Power of Veto competition based on the story of Sisyphus, and ancient history seems to be everywhere. Shelly compares herself to a Trojan Horse and the Sisyphus story itself serves as a metaphor for everything that happens. First Kalia tries to get Rachel out, and then she tries to get Jeff and Jordan to like her again, both Sisyphian tasks. And in the end, Big Brother 13 features perhaps the second dumbest move in the history of the game (behind Marcellas not using the veto on himself) when a HG not only volunteers to be a pawn, but volunteers to get evicted. I don‘t want to make stereotypical judgments, but it seems strange that two of the worst moves ever were both done by gay black men. It just seems kind of weird.
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