Season 12 Premiere, Week 1 HoH

Season 12, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 7/8/2010
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The 13 HGs move in and the first HoH is chosen.

‘Big Brother 12‘ Premiere Live Recap: The HGs Move In

Summer may have officially started a while ago, but for me, the summer doesn‘t start until the Big Brother live feeds do. This is the ultimate summer show, a massive time vacuum that sucks me in every year. Will I hate anyone as much as Ronnie or Chima? Will I fall in love like I did with Dan, Dr. Will, Janelle or Jeff? At what point will an alliance form and display a shocking lack of self-awareness in their mockery of others?All these questions and more are about to get answered thanks to the return of the Chen-tastic Miss Julie, 13 houseguests and a whole lot of cameras. Oh
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