'The Good Wife' Heads for 'Doubt', Welcomes Alan Cumming as Regular Next Season
'The Good Wife' Heads for 'Doubt', Welcomes Alan Cumming as Regular Next Season
The first season of CBS' The Good Wife will be wrapping up soon, and already it has gained plenty of followers. But the writers are upping the ante on its next installment, when Eli gets more exposure.

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Before that though, you should know that there's still one episode left before season one concludes. "Doubt" will be making its way onto our screen this April 6, and it promises to be quite a tension-filled episode. And we mean between Alicia (Juliana Margulies) and Will (Josh Charles).

The previous episode "Heart" showed the two sharing quite a kiss, and the sexual tension between them will continue with the season finale. According to CBS, "Doubt" will find the two working together to help a college student involved in a sorority homicide.

Meanwhile, Diane (Christine Baranski) continues to flirt with Kurt McVeigh (Gary Cole), an attempt that may lead to disaster. But of course neither of them wants that.

Anyway, let's fast forward to season 2 already. Despite the expected hiatus that the finale will bring, there's plenty to look forward to once The Good Wife kicks off another installment.

Aside from the continued plot twists and curious cases that Alicia has to deal with, there's also a character that has yet to cause even more trouble for them. Tony Award-winning actor Alan Cumming will be promoted to series regular next season, continuing his stint as the opinionated but often rude Eli Gold.

Entertainment Weekly reports that he'll keep working on cleaning up Peter's (Chris Noth) political mess. As the disgraced official's campaign manager, Eli must prove that he has what it takes to restore the public's faith in his client.

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Another thing about Cumming's character sticking around is that Peter is bound to encounter more problems as he goes along. Then again, that's not surprising. We're hardly done with the first season of The Good Wife. You can bet there's more to come.

Source: CBS, Entertainment Weekly
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