The Amazing Race 14: Episode 6, "Alright Guys, We're at War!" Recap (Page 1/2)
The Amazing Race 14 sauntered its way into the great nation of India this evening, a nation that boasts a crap ton of people and all sorts of diverse and crazy interesting cities.  The Amazing Race (the USA not included) has visited India more times than any other country, and it's always one of the most enjoyable stops during The Amazing Race season.  Would Jodi and Christie be able to overcome the Speed Bump and live on to see another leg?  Or, will one of the other teams slip up and allow the blondes to catch up?  What follows is a magnificently in-depth recap of the night's action.  I urge you to read on and enjoy.

The teams depart from the biggest city in Siberia, a city whose name will not be spelled here.  Margie and Luke leave at midnight and are told to fly Jaipur, India.  It's known as The Pink City.  Try and guess why....OK, you were wrong.  Margie and Luke say that India wasn't at the top of their list.  Why do you guys hate India?  Jerks.  The teams have to connect through Moscow to get to India.  Tammy and Victor leave next, followed by Jaime and Cara.  Mel and Mike, who are really over-achieving here on the race, are the next team, followed by the stunt brothers, Mark and Michael.  Kisha and Jen, then Jodi and Christie, who will have to go over a Speed Bump during the leg, are the final two teams to depart. 

All the teams are going to be on the same flight.  From Moscow, they fly to New Delhi, and then connect again to Jaipur.  Upon arrival, teams race for a cab.  They have to find a tree.  Not just any tree, but a tree with a name that resides in a village.  Mel and Mike put their bags in the trunk of a cab, but then the cab driver leaves with their stuff locked in the trunk.  He eventually returns, and then says he'll drive really, really fast.  Jodi and Christie's cab stops for gas.  Traffic in India is complete madness.  The teams are driven through the slums and are generally shocked by what they see.  Cara cries.  Luke cries. 

Tammy and Victor, on the other hand, are laughing as they ride through the slums.  They find the tree – it's in the middle of the desert.  There is a red phone underneath the tree, and they have to call a number to get their next clue. Tammy and Victor call the number, then head to some fort.  Mark, Michael, Mel, Mike, Jaime, Cara, Margie and Luke all arrive at the tree, but no one finds the clue on the phone until Kisha and Jen spot it. 

No one really knows what they've heard, Jaime and Cara thinking they're heading to Amber Parking.  Really, they're heading to Amber Fort.  Jodi and Christie watch the cabs pass them on their way to the tree.  They have a lot of ground to make up. 

Road Block: Care for Camel

One member of each team has to care for a group of camels.  They have to transport food and water for the camels using traditional tools.  Tammy and Victor are the first to arrive.  Mark and Michael's cab driver is an all-star, passing the other teams left and right.  While Victor works on the water for his camels, the cavalcade of teams arrive.  Mel does it for Team White, which is not going to work out very well.  It's sweltering heat, and Mel is old, and this task is pretty taxing.  Christie and Jodi have still not arrived at the Road Block.

Tammy and Victor get their next clue.  Tammy takes a spill as they read the clue.  I laughed out loud (or LOLed, as the kids call it).  They are told to cab it to a puppet store.  Mike can't even watch his dad since he's struggling so bad.  Mike feels bad – he would have done it instead.  Mike figures that since the clue says use the native tools for the food, that the teams who used the water bucket were doing it wrong - Mel's right.  He makes good time.

Detour: Movers or Shakers

In Movers, the teams have to transport a crap load of barrels through the city using a rickshaw type thing.  Once at their destination, the teams have to search their barrels for their next clue.   In Shakers, they have to put on a silly dance suit and dance for tips in the street.  Victor and Tammy do the dance thing, and Victor goes off talking about how he's changing America's mind about lawyers, because he's putting on make-up and a dance suit.  Whatever.