The Amazing Race 14: Episode 6, "Alright Guys, We're at War!" Recap (Page 2/2)
Mel and Mike finish before everyone else, despite Mel's struggles.  They are in second place.  Margie and Luke are close behind.  Jaime and Cara are next, then Kisha and Jen.  Everyone is pretty close together, though.  Jodi and Christie made up some pretty good time and are now with the pack.  Tammy and Victor chose the correct Detour, I believe.  They get their tips pretty easily. 

Tammy and Victor get their next clue – head to Jaigahr Fort, which is the pit stop on this leg of the race.  Mel and Mike decide to dance for their cash.  Mark and Michael decide to drive the rickshaw of barrels.  Margie/Luke, Cara/Jaime and Kisha/Jen decide to dance.  It's a little harder for Luke to dance, which they discuss briefly. 

Mark and Michael drive their barrels, which doesn't look like much fun.  Before they can embark on the Detour, Jodi and Christie have to go on their Speed Bump.  They have to visit a temple, where they must decorate an elephant with paint. 

Tammy and Victor arrive at Jaigahr Temple where they are greeted by Phil and an Indian man who plays the ol' nose flute.  That's not a dirty euphemism. 

Tammy and Victor are team number one.  They win kayaks. 

Mel and Mike finish the detour second, head to the temple.  Jodi and Christie give the elephant some make-up.  Jaime and Cara finish the Detour, but their cab left with their bags.  Eventually, they find him, at which point they yell angrily at him.  Kisha and Jen finish next.  Now, it's just Mark and Michael searching through the barrels.  Christie and Jodi begin the Detour finally.  So, it's the Stunt Brothers versus Jodi/Christie.  Mark and Michael search their barrels for the little elephant they need to get their final clue. 

It's probably the editing, but they're making this look like Jodi and Christie have a chance. 

Mel and Mike are team number two. 

Jodi and Christie finish their dancing, get enough money, and head to the pit stop.  Meanwhile, Mark and Michael finally find their little elephant and also make their way to the Pit Stop. 

Kisha and Jen are team number three. 

Margie and Luke are team number four.

Cara and Jaime are team number five. 

It's down to the wire...

Mark and Michael are team number 6.

Jodi and Christie are team number seven and have been eliminated.