So You Think You Can Dance: Season 5 Premiere Recap (Page 3/4)
So You Think You Can Dance: Season 5 Premiere Recap (Page 3/4)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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New York City Auditions, Day 2

Arielle Taylor
In season 3 she made it to Las Vegas as a high school student.  As you might imagine, spending two years honing her craft has made her fantastic with beautiful turns.  They send her to Las Vegas and we get a half-hearted Mary Scream, so I'll call that three and a half so far.

Thomas Martin and Amanda Clark
He's a former baton twirling champion, which I didn't think existed or was something you'd ever admit to.  They do a sensual Bolero routine, minus the sensuality, which gets them eliminated.

Bad Audition Montage
We next get a few bad ones, including a large black woman doing a split and a nerdy white guy rolling around the stage like a sack of potatoes.

Igor Zabrodin and Nina Estrina
These two are a ballroom couple with a Latin flare.  Their routine ends with an amazing Pot Stir where he spins her and she squishes her body down on her toes so it almost looks like she's spinning on her knees.  Mary gives it another half Mary Scream, not a full-on "WOOO," so I'll say we're at four Mary Screams in the episode.

Kellen Stancil
He dances beautifully, but he uses an umbrella.  It might be bad luck, but to him, the umbrella is a metaphor for his recently deceased aunt's protection.  They all love him, his story, his look, his dancing, so he goes to Las Vegas.

Chimezie Nwosu
It's pronounced "Chim-i-zay" and he has one of those fun pieces that combines humor with interesting moves, but technically, it's just not enough, so they want him back for choreography.

Choreography Round, Day 2
For the ballroom couple, Igor makes it but Nina doesn't.  Chimezie also goes through to Las Vegas, as do 12 others.  So a total of 41 dancers make it through in New York City, including one glittery man who hugs Cat, but she loves it so much she doesn't care about the future dry cleaning bill.

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