Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels: Finale Recap (Page 1/3)
Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels: Finale Recap (Page 1/3)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
After 12 weeks of criss-crossing the country and 21 girls being eliminated, we are down to the final two on Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels. This go-round Bret managed to look beyond the blonde and the train wrecks, to end up choosing between two fairly normal brunette beauties in the finale: Taya and Mindy. Of course, other than the fact they're not blondes and they've carried themselves with as much class as you can on a show like Rock of Love Bus, Mindy and Taya couldn't be more different. Mindy is a gorgeous girl next door from Cincinnati, Ohio who no one expected to make it this far on tour. Taya is the 2009 Penthouse Pet of the Year and Bret was instantly smitten with her, so it's really no surprise she's made it as far as she has on the road.
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Neither Taya or Mindy's road to the finale has been smooth. Mindy often suffered from mood swings, which worried Bret. Taya's motives were questioned throughout her tour because of her modeling career and as we later learned, a possible singing career. However, now that they're in the finale, both Mindy and Taya are convinced they will be Bret's Rock of Love. Taya, in her practiced, well-written way says that "When this is over, it's going to be he and I." Mindy takes a more competitive approach, "There's no stopping me, I want Bret." However, Mindy is aware she's facing some stiff competition in Taya, the Penthouse Pet. "It does look like Taya is the perfect Bret Michaels girlfriend, born and bred to be with a rock star. I'm just regular Mindy Hall, from Cincinnati, Ohio." Which is exactly why most of America is rooting for you Mindy, it's about time Bret tried his hand at a relationship with a real person, not another model. Remember how it turned out with Pam Anderson, Bret?

After a brief recap of both Taya and Mindy's time on the tour, the episode starts with dreamy romantic music. Bret has stopped by Mindy and Taya's room for a little morning coffee and conversation. Over breakfast Bret wants to know what the girls think of each other and the possibility the other will be Bret's Rock of Love. Basically, Bret wants to the girls to tell him what a huge mistake he'd be making if he chose the other one. Mindy tells Bret that, "the best parts of me keep coming and coming. I just keep getting better." Obviously Bret inquires if Mindy means she physically or emotionally keeps coming and she says both, to his delight. Taya on the other hand tells Bret that she should choose her because, "I don't pretend to be perfect." Really Taya? Because I think that's exactly what you've done this entire show. Mindy says as much, prompting Bret to ask the girls if they're going to have a cat fight, to please rub butter on their breasts and fight that way. Thankfully, Mindy and Taya decline. After his enlightening conversation, Bret tells the girls they'll be flying via private jet to the "Dominican Republic" (the quotes are Brets, not mine) for their final dates.

The limo pulls up to the Paradiso Resort in the Dominican Republic and there are couples dancing and a butler is waiting with blue girly cocktails for Bret and the ladies. After enjoying a little bit of dancing, Taya and Mindy are led to their room, which is stunning. Taya remarks, "this place is paradise." Which is a genius comment seeing that the resorts name means paradise. A note from Bret is waiting for the girls in their suite, it says that Mindy will be having her date with Bret tonight and Taya will be going on her date tomorrow. Mindy is thrilled she'll be enjoying Bret's company first and Taya is furious about it. "I'm jealous and pissed off. Now I'm just in this jealous funk. I don't know how low Mindy will go to get him." Well, let me answer that for you Taya. Mindy will get low, on top, and many other various positions to get Bret.

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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