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Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley hike to the bamboo to find the cave of Light and so do Flocke, Ben and Desmond.  The two groups meet up and while Kate is out for blood, Jack tells her to calm down.  They agree to go together, but Jack makes Flocke a promise: "I'm gonna kill you."  I really like the new Jack.
Once they reach the bamboo, Flocke suggests that only he, Jack and Desmond keep going to the cave.  They show up and start to tie up Desmond so he can go down and find the Light.  Desmond's plan is to go into it and hopefully get transported to the altverse.  He somehow knows all about the other world and tells Jack all about it.

They lower Desmond into the cave.  Once he's down there, Desmond finds the pool of water with the bright Light and a giant rock serving as a cork for the pool of magic.  He goes in, resisting the electromagnetism, and pulls out the cork.  The water drains, the Earth shakes and it fills up with some weird lava-like substance.

It turns out Flocke was right.  The Light is out and the Island is shaking and starting to sink into the ocean.  But Jack was also right, because without the Light, Flocke is now vulnerable and can be killed.

Flocke runs off to take his boat to Hydra Island to leave on the plane while the earthquakes cause a giant tree to fall on Ben.  Miles calls over and tells everyone to meet them at Hydra Island to leave on the plane.

As Flocke reaches the cliffs, Jack finds him.  It's raining pretty heavily and the two engage in a rather out-of-place epic fight scene.  During the struggle, Flocke stabs Jack, but Kate shows up just in time to shoot Flocke.  Jack gets up and finishes him off by kicking Flocke off the cliff.  And just like that, Flocke, aka the Man in Black, is dead.

Also just like that, the rain clears up and, without explanation, Ben is safely walking around no longer trapped under a giant immovable tree.  On the cliffs, they make their final plans.

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