Lost Easter Eggs: "The Shape of Things to Come" #5 - Doug and Jerome
Lost Easter Eggs: "The Shape of Things to Come" #5 - Doug and Jerome
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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I’ll admit it, I laughed a little bit when three Lost redshirts were killed in succession by Widmore’s men while Sawyer was magically able to elude all those bullets. But to the show’s credit, those weren’t just any redshirts, they were reliable members of the Lost cast.

Doug (Sean Douglas Hoban)

You probably don’t know them, as the two men who were killed are background characters with no lines before tonight, but they’ve both been around since the first season. Excluding the Nikki/Paulo debacle, Lost is pretty good at continuity among background actors. The first one to get shot was Doug, played Sean Douglas Hoban.

Jim Mazzarella, Lost
Jerome (Jim Mazzarella)

The other man who tried to help the woman was Jerome, played by Jim Mazzarella. Jerome has been in the background of all the major events. He was there at Hurley’s golf tournament. He attended the funerals of Boone, Nikki and Paulo. He briefly helped Bernard build his “S.O.S.” sign. It’s just proof that in spite of Nikki and Paulo, Lost really does have actors who have been there since the beginning.


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