BuddyTV Interviews LOST's Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse Part 2
BuddyTV: As far as the Dharma folks go I know that something reveals tonight. Is there a chance we’re ever going to see more back-story to guys like Marvin Candle and Radzinsky?
Carlton Cuse: You know, we probably haven’t seen the last of Marvin Candle. He’s pretty tangential to earn his own back-story but definitely there will be more storytelling downstream involving the Dharma initiatives.
Damon Lindelof: I would say we might be seeing Marvin Candle somewhere other than a Dharma film at some point before all is said and done.
BuddyTV: About the video game that…is doing. Are you guys involved in the plot of that at all, will that be a self-contained story like the Lost Experience?
Carlton Cuse: It is going to be self-contained although it will obviously take place and be set in environments that we’ve seen on the show. We’re involved in sort of an overview fashion, we’re not writing the game. The game, however, is being in part written by Dawn Kelly who used to work; both as a writer's assistant and wrote an episode on the show.   So we obviously are involved in monitoring and progress and the development of the game but they’re writing their own self-contained story that isn’t an extension of canon. 
Damon Lindelof: We pitched them a concept for the game and they’re basically going to run with it but I think much in the same way that the Star Wars first person shooter games worked, where even you’re new characters exploring similar environments in the movies that you already know. So you’re on the Death Star but you’re not Luke Skywalker or Obi Wan Kenobi. It’s going to function in the same reality as that. So if you’re watching the show you’re not going to go, “Oh wait a minute, was this going on because I was playing the game? I was in this environment playing the role of this character.” The answer is no. It’s more sort of a fun way of re-exploring some of the things that you’ve already seen in the show but from a different point of view.
Carlton Cuse: I will say this, we provided the game makers with details of our sets and stuff so you may see in the game more things in sets that we only saw parts of in the show, like the Hydra or even the Swan. 
BuddyTV: A little while back there was talk that there might be a Lost feature film at some point. Is that still alive?
Damon Lindelof: It’s funny, you know, we hear like 24 is going to do a movie and you always have to think like, I don’t know how they or when they do that. The reality of it is we’re shooting the show for ten months out of the year and the other two months we are spending, cumulatively recharging our batteries but also beginning to generate stories for the following season and you can’t shoot a feature film in two months even if we went right into it. So as long as the show is on the air as a TV show, logistically there could be no movie. And more importantly, it’s somewhat exploitative to kind of say to the audience who watches the show, “Hey, now you’ve got to go and pay eleven bucks and go into the theater in order to stay caught up with the show.” It’s not like 24 where we could do a self-contained movie. The movie would really have to answer definitive questions, move the plot forward, you know and we just don’t know how to do that or whether or not it needs to be done. 
BuddyTV: Maybe this is asking too much about the nature of the resolution of the story but after the series has ended, would feature films be a possibility?

Carlton Cuse: That is so far off, that isn’t even anything we’ve talked about so you know, it’s hard to answer that question because it isn’t anything we’ve even discussed.
BuddyTV: Do you have a premiere date for Season 4 of Lost yet?
Carlton Cuse: No, I think basically the plan though is to do it in the spring of next year.
Damon Lindelof: Well actually January or February of next year, so the late Winter.
In the beginning of the calendar year of 2008. No one was happy with the six episodes …and now that the show is on at 10 o’clock, I think everyone’s plan, barring any last minute changes from the network, is to air the show in a continuous run like 24 in the sort of spring television season. 
BuddyTV: As far as DVD releases, is ABC looking at doing a high definition version anytime in the near future?
Damon Lindelof: I know that there are talks about it but we haven’t heard any official. You know these guys, when all is said and done and the show is completed, they will probably release some sort of mega box set with all the sort of bells and whistles that I imagine would be in HD but as far as the ongoing sort of process of it all, we are not aware of any plans to do that. Do you know of any TV shows that have released a season in high definition?
BuddyTV: No, I heard something about Smallville possibly doing a set.
Damon Lindelof: Yeah, I think they would have to wait to see if there was a business there yet before they started talking about it. We go to them all the time and say, “But it would be so cool if you did this.” And then they’re like, “Well, you know, are we going to make any money?” 
Carlton Cuse: The show looks so great in high definition. It will happen eventually, it’s just a question I think of when they feel like they can sell enough units to justify the cost of re-mastering it.
BuddyTV: The map that was discovered in the Dharma bus, does that have any significance in comparison to the Lockdown map or has that pretty much served its purpose at this point? 
Carlton Cuse: I think the purpose of that map was just to establish that basically there was at one point a road that linked the Dharma stations but with 25 years of jungle growth those roads have been overgrown. It wasn’t really mythology canon; it was more descriptive so the audience could understand how there was a Dharma bus out there in the middle of the jungle.
BuddyTV: Another loose thread that’s been out there for a while is the cable that Sayid found in the ocean
Carlton Cuse: That’s coming up! Everyone will finally find out what that cable is, that cable is coming into play before the end of this season in a major way. 
Damon Lindelof: That is what we call a long con that was a 50-episode set-up. 
Carlton Cuse: Yeah. But it’s coming and it’s paying off, it’s not a random cable. 
- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Images Courtesy ABC)