Lost: Top 5 Season 4 Moments
Lost: Top 5 Season 4 Moments
Lost is a show of moments.  There are scenes, from the first season on, that hit the audience so hard they become forever etched into the mind of the viewer.  Part of this is, of course, the format of the series.  There are cliffhangers and reveals that viewers could never see coming, and those moments are significant TV viewing moments.  The shock and awe routine that the Lost writers consistently employ make Lost what it is and, by and large, they are the result of diligent work.  The reveals are long in the offing, story seeds having been planted, in some cases, seasons before they are resolved.  You can argue all you want about how far in advance the writers know what's going to happen in the different stories, but all that matters is this: Lost earns their big moments, and that's why we love the show. 

When attempting to create this list, a few issues arose.  These sort of rankings are going to be, no matter how hard one tries, subjective.  Generally speaking, your favorite moments are probably going to be the ones involving your favorite characters.  For instance, if Ben was my favorite character ever (he kind of is) then it would not at all be difficult to create a list of season 4's top 15 Ben moments.  He had a ton.  Additionally, the finale provided a laundry list of scenes that could be made into their own list. 

We should be thankful for Lost.  Compiling this list, it made me realize the sheer volume of great scenes that only 14 episodes provided.  Lost is the ultimate in event, water-cooler television.  Is there any other show that viewers have to make a point of discussing every week with everyone they know who also watch the series?  

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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