'Lost' Series Finale Recap: Time to Move On (Page 1/7)
'Lost' Series Finale Recap: Time to Move On (Page 1/7)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's the series finale of Lost, and it's definitely an ending.  Trying to wrap your head around this series finale is probably going to take some time.  I just finished watching and still need to think about it.  I didn't instantly hate or love it.  For now, enjoy this recap of how it all ended.

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To simplify the finale, I'll start with everything on the Island and then move to the altverse, which will make a lot of sense to anyone who's already seen it.

On the Island, Jack is the new Jacob and the others await his orders.  The first priority is getting Desmond, but they don't realize he's already out of the well.  Sawyer goes off to find him.

At the well, Ben pulls a gun on Sawyer, but the situation is quickly turned around.  Sawyer tells Flocke that they didn't take Desmond, and that he's not a Candidate any more, giving Flocke the knowledge that someone was chosen to replace Jacob.  Sawyer leaves and Flocke notices paw prints around the well.

That can only mean one thing: Vincent!  Not only is the dog back, but so are Rose and Bernard!  They rescued Desmond from the well, breaking their cardinal rule of not getting involved.  Flocke and Ben track them down, threatening to kill Rose and Bernard unless Desmond comes with him.  Rose doesn't care, which is awesome of her, but Desmond goes anyway.

Elsewhere on the Island, Miles finds Richard Alpert, who survived the Smoke Monster attack.  They still plan on blowing up the plane and hop in a canoe to get to Hydra Island.  Miles finds a gray hair on Richard, so I guess Jacob's everlasting life is wearing off. 

On the ride over they find Frank Lapidus, who is also miraculously alive.  Much like Mark Twain, rumors of his death were greatly exaggerated.  Instead of blowing up the plane, he offers another idea: leaving on the plane without Flocke.


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