Top 7 of '07: Sexiest Women on TV
Top 7 of '07: Sexiest Women on TV
Check out all our lists for BuddyTV's Top 7 of '07 to relive the best and the worst of the year in television.

It's no secret that television is lousy with pretty faces. Every show is cast with aesthetically-gifted actresses whose beauty often seems antithetical to the roles they play. Is TV trying to tell us that all female police officers and doctors and medical examiners are that attractive? This glut of beauty makes the competition for the coveted title of sexiest woman of the year fiercer than Miss J's runway walk, but we've done our best here at BuddyTV to winnow the masses down to an elite group of seven.

It was a difficult decision because beautiful women come in all shapes, sizes and ages. All of the Desperate Housewives have proven that beauty doesn't die after age 30. Just look at Rita Moreno who is currently on Cane—she's nearing her eighth decade of life but still going strong.

Among the notables who didn't quite make the list is Kristen Bell, who gets the award for most ubiquitous hottie of 2007. She played Veronica Mars in the now-defunct series of the same name, and then reincarnated as electro-girl Elle on Heroes. She also somehow manages to keep up with all the goings-on on the Upper East Side as the omniscient Gossip Girl. Kristen, when do you sleep?

Another kickass Hero that we liked was newcomer Dana Davis. While her storyline was arguably lacking in relevance to the overall story arc of Heroes season 2, Davis' Monica was certainly kick-ass both in looks and abilities.

Katherine Heigl obviously also deserves mention. She definitely seems to be the hot actress du jour, gracing the small screen every week in her role as Izzie on Grey's Anatomy and she also appeared in the hit summer movie Knocked Up. Somehow, she manages to look stunning no matter where she goes.

Of course, scripted television does not have a monopoly on attractive women. There are entire shows full of models dreaming of the day they can earn a living solely on their looks. And let's not forget Dancing with the Stars, shall we? Edyta Sliwinska and Julianne Hough are not only amazingly talented dancers, they look damn fine in their feathery, sparkly ballroom dresses.

And so, without further ado, we present to you BuddyTV's list of the seven most beautiful women of 2007.