Top 7 of '07: Sexiest Men on TV
Top 7 of '07: Sexiest Men on TV
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Chief among the many reasons why I love watching TV is because of the multitude of handsome men who appear as if by magic in my living room. Some of them are even good actors too! So, we at BuddyTV have compiled a list of who we think are the hottest seven men on TV. The different kinds of sexiness are as varied as there are men on TV. We chose actors who play badasses, demon hunters, hot doctors and even middle management office workers.

Obviously, we would have liked to include all of the Dillon Panthers on Friday Night Lights, notably Taylor Kitsch because he is just so damn pretty, among many other hotties, but we had to choose only seven. So here are a bunch of honorable mentions who didn't make our elite list, but are still incredibly hot:

Daniel Dae Kim (Lost). Not counting his DUI mug shot, which is kind of scary, Daniel is one sexy man, whether in a business suit when he played a lawyer on Angel, or as castaway who barely speaks English on Lost.

Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes). A Gilmore Girls alumnus, he can now shoot electricity from his palms and paint the future, among other extraordinary things. His most impressive power, perhaps, is looking super sexy while chained up in a storage container. Or pretty much any other time he is shirtless, which seems to happen quite a lot.

The entire male cast of Cane. Seriously, could there be a hotter cast? Three generations of hot men, each one a keeper. Heck, even Hector Elizondo is kind of cute.

Then, there's BuddyTV writer Debbie Chang's TV boyfriend, Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights). The man cannot possible be more appealing if he tried. His lightly tousled hair, the cute little way he purses his lips before talking—so adorable!

Of course, I could go on and on about the male eye candy on TV. But I'll stop here so you can enjoy our list of the top 7 sexiest men of 2007.