Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.9 "In the Midnight Hour" Recap (Page 3/4)
Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.9 "In the Midnight Hour" Recap (Page 3/4)
Lexie brings Meredith and Cristina over to Sadie because their surgery takes a turn for the worst. Meredith tells the interns to page the Richard and Bailey. Bailey comes in while Meredith and Cristina try to patch up Sadie, and she is incredibly calm. I suppose her fury will come later, though, after Sadie is safe. Bailey gives Cristina and Meredith a lot of support, but ultimately lets them make the decision on how best to patch up Sadie.

George (T.R. Knight), hearing about the shenanigans, finds the interns and chides Lexie for not coming to him earlier. But Lexie's all, "This ain't about you, dude." George still doesn't understand, so another intern has to spell it out for him that Lexie has been in love with him like forever. Maybe this knowledge will segue into a Gexie relationship?

Meanwhile, Izzie is still at home, in bed with Denny. She is falling deeper and deeper into denial, until she suddenly gets angry and unleashes on him. He apologizes for dying and leaving her, but she says that he doesn't get to apologize because she was the one who killed her. As she unloads all of her guilt on him, she gets an emergency page from the hospital.

Richard (James Pickens Jr.) arrives on scene and commends Meredith and Cristina for the mature way they handled the Sadie sitch, calling for help right away and all. Lexie jumps into the room because she thinks Meredith and Cristina are in trouble, and blurts out that Cristina knew about their underground society since the day before. Richard is apoplectic that Cristina didn't tell him about it as soon as she found out, and takes her out of the running for the first solo surgery. Afterwards, Cristina unleashes on Meredith for not having her back with the chief. She may not have known about the Life and Death Brigade, but all the residents are still culpable for what happened.

The residents want to know what Bailey is going to tell the interns, but she's all, "No, you people are my babies. Now you're all growed up and have babies of your own, so give them your own damn speech." Bailey is pure awesome.

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