Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.9 "In the Midnight Hour" Recap (Page 2/4)
Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.9 "In the Midnight Hour" Recap (Page 2/4)

Meanwhile, the residents are busy with their patients. Alex's patient came in abdominal cramps (but it's not appendicitis, he's disappointed to learn). The patient thinks she might have stomach cancer after reading up about it on the Interwebs, but her husband knows that she's just a hypochondriac. Actually, what happened is that she thought she had a staph infection (even though it was probably just a pimple), so she took some super-duper strong anti-biotics she bought off the Interwebs, and succeeded in killing off all the healthy bacteria in her body. Alex gives her the bad news that she has to have a fecal transplant from her husband, which ewwww! But the husband won't crap until she admits that her staph infection was really just a pimple. She can't admit it because to her, her fears are true. Alex actually exhibits some human emotion and understanding and helps her husband see her perspective.

The other patient of the evening is a trauma patient who suffers from night terrors (just like Kirk from Gilmore Girls!), only this guy's terrors aren't funny. He sleepwalked and fell out of a plate glass window. He has another night terror in the ER, and it takes several doctors to hold him down. Callie (Sara Ramirez) gets hit in the nose, which is pretty much the cherry on the icing on the cake of her crappy, crappy year. Mark (Eric Dane) is pretty freaking awesome in this episode. He listens to her supportively while fixing up her nose, promising to always be her friend and sleep with her whenever she wants. Now that's my kind of friendship.

Mark is awesome in other ways in this episode too. He notices that Night Terror Guy's young daughter is utterly exhausted and hasn't slept in ages. She has been staying up every night to lead her dad back to bed when he sleepwalks because she feels guilty that the stress from raising her is what caused the night terrors in the first place. The thing is, though, that her dad has epilepsy, which is causing the night terrors, which means that it's not her fault at all.

During the surgery, he goes out to talk to the daughter, who is tossing back coffee. I kind of love Mark. He's lascivious as all heck, but he's showing some compassion. He's really cute with the girl and offers his shoulder for her to take a nap on.

Mark also has some fun scenes with Derek (Patrick Dempsey), who keeps complaining nonstop that Meredith keeps bringing home strays to live in their house, like Sadie. Wait, but, Sadie is Meredith's oldest friend. I hardly think she's a "stray." Anyway, Mark pretends to suddenly be interested in Little Grey because Derek planted the seeds of lust in him.

Throughout all of this, the interns are missing and not answering their pages. And of course, this is because they have Sadie, epiduraled up and ready to be de-appendixed. Lexie takes the lead with the surgery. Right before the scalpel incision, she stalls. She finally exhibits some sound judgment, but there's no stopping Sadie, who makes the incision herself. (Obviously, they kept Sadie awake for this because that is the most logical thing to do.) Geez, this chick has a death wish or something. No wonder they call her Die. Lexie thinks that Sadie's appendix looks a little bit inflamed. One of the interns freaks and runs the heck out of the room.

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