Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.21 "No Good At Saying Sorry" Recap (Page 1/4)
Grey's Anatomy: Episode 5.21 "No Good At Saying Sorry" Recap (Page 1/4)
Grey's Anatomy. begins tonight with an opening shot of the beautiful Puget Sound. Meredith's voiceover and the title of the episode indicates it's all about saying you're sorry. All of Izzie's friends are crowded around Izzie's bed, sampling chicken skewers for her as part of the wedding preparations. She might be having surgery today so she is not allowed to eat anything, so she has to depend on everyone else's taste buds in order to pick the appetizers. Everyone is driving her nuts, though, because they say things like, "The chicken tastes like chicken." Izzie is anxious to get the menu nailed down so that she can put it on the wedding website that she set up for Meredith and Derek. (Meredith is all, "What, now? There's a website??") Derek emerges from the bathroom wearing his morning coat, clearly uncomfortable.

Cristina accidentally bumps into Hunt, but he evades her by saying, "Take care now." This confuses her, so she goes to tell Callie about it, but Callie has her own problems. Since she is now cut off from her family's fortune (because she came out to father as a lesbian), she can't afford rent anymore. Um, what? How's that, now? I mean, sure, maybe she'll have to change her lifestyle a bit, but she still has a job as a senior resident. It's not like she's destitute or anything. Cristina suggests that she lie to her parents and say that she broke up with Arizona just so she can get her trust fund back.

Mark cheers up Callie by bringing her a patient who is totally messed up by falling out of a tree. The patient's name is Karen, but since she is a tree-hugging hippie, she goes by the name Willow. She was living in a tree which she named Kylie until the corporation that owns the property where the tree was bulldozed the tree down with Willow still in it. Thus, the multiple injuries.

Thatcher Grey, who is 29 days sober, meets with Richard. They observe that alcoholism is another thing that they both have in common. Thatcher is on a 12-step program and he wants to make amends with Lexie and Meredith, so Richard pages them, stat, to his office. Meredith tries to make excuses because she doesn't really want to hear her father's apology, but Richard pleads with her. Thatcher awkwardly reads his apology to his daughters from a script. Meredith stands up and very coldly says, "Thank you, congratulations and good luck," and leaves the room. She looks back through the window and sees Lexie hugging her father. Later on, Lexie tells Mark that her father is back and sober, and she'd really like for them to meet. Mark would rather not meet, however, because fathers generally do not like him at all.

Cristina, George and Owen meet a trauma patient who has just been brought in by ambulance. The man was shot 17 times with a gun by his six-year-old daughter, Maddie. From Cristina's perspective, Hunt shows favoritism toward George by allowing him to do all the work. She is feeling miffed, especially in light of the weird "Take care now" from earlier.

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