Top 7 of '07: Sexiest Woman #1 - Minka Kelly
Top 7 of '07: Sexiest Woman #1 - Minka Kelly
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On Friday Night Lights, Lyla Garrity went from a sexy cheerleader sleeping with her boyfriend's best friend to a devout Christian with eyes only for God. Yet no matter what Lyla does, Minka Kelly somehow makes her seem gorgeous and irresistible. Maybe it's the documentary style realism of the series, or perhaps Minka's natural acting style, but she manages to seem attainable even while being unbelievably attractive.

Realistically you know you'd rarely see a beauty like hers outside of the realm of magazines and television, but she seems so down to earth that you can easily imagine living next door to her. We'd move to a small Texas town in a heartbeat for a chance to see her in a cheerleading uniform every Friday night.

Minka KellyMinka KellyMinka KellyMinka KellyMinka Kelly


-Don Williams
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