'Big Brother 11' Premiere Recap: Clique, Clique, Boom! (Page 4/4)
'Big Brother 11' Premiere Recap: Clique, Clique, Boom! (Page 4/4)
Michele and Ronnie are the first two off, and then it's time to make the challenge even harder.  It also lets Miss Chen say, "It's time for the Super Wedgie."  How can a woman married to the network president be forced to say such stupid things?

Lydia, Jordan, Kevin and Jeff fall next.  A second Super Wedgie eliminates Chima, so the Brains, and Brian, are gone.  Casey also drops, eliminating Cowboy.  Thank God.  Gravity finally wins out over Laura's massive bosoms and she falls, though she claims it was on purpose so she's not a target.  Braden falls next, and the jocks win.

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  Jessie is coming back.

This is terrible news for me, as Jessie is awful to watch and he looks like some time of ultra-steroided freakshow.

It's amazing how quickly everyone assumes old high school rivalries will be formed again with these cliques.  Are they really so stupid to think that's the case, and also, are they stupid enough to actually fall for such obvious manipulation?

That's all for the first episode, so tune in Sunday to find out how everyone reacts to Jessie's return and who he nominates.  I hope he's so blind with roid rage that he accidentally nominates himself.

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