'Big Brother 11' Premiere Recap: Clique, Clique, Boom! (Page 2/4)
'Big Brother 11' Premiere Recap: Clique, Clique, Boom! (Page 2/4)
The houseguests finally move in, and there's a lot of action and "get to know you" stuff.  I instantly hate Kevin because all he does is make up words.  He's "blackanese" (half black, half Japanese) and he likes Ronnie because he speaks "geekinese" and he thinks Laura's boobs are "volumptuous," which is either a combination of "voluptuous" and "sumptuous," or proof that he's an idiot.

Natalie says she's only 18 even though she's 24.  Kevin immediately knows that she's a big old liar.  Michele also lies, claiming she's just a lab assistant when, in reality, she's a super smart scientist who is probably busy curing cancer.  Meanwhile, every single woman, married or not, is in love with Jeff.

Preggo Chen reveals the clique twist to the houseguests, and Kevin nearly has a heart attack. Gee, you mean high school was hard for the flamboyant gay half black, half Japanese kid?  I never would've guessed that. The twist is that if you win HoH, your entire clique cannot be nominated.

Lydia instantly knows Kevin is in her clique, and she wants to be Molly Ringwald to his Ducky.  She has bad taste in friends, but great taste in movies.

Chenny from the Block finally divides the cliques:

Athletes: Jeff, Russell and Natalie, and she still tries to act like she's only 18 and not a jock, even though she's a 24-year-old Tae Kwon Do world champion.

Off Beats: Lydia, Kevin and Casey, also known as the gay guy, the old dude and the tattooed chick.

Popular: Jordan, Laura and Braden., whose combined IQ is probably under 100.

Brains: Michele, Ronnie and Chima, who have low self-esteem from the get-go even though Chima acts like she is smart and popular.

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