Battlestar Galactica: Series Finale "Daybreak, Part II" Recap (Page 2/8)
Battlestar Galactica: Series Finale "Daybreak, Part II" Recap (Page 2/8)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The plan for the attack spreads across the entire ship. Helo talks to the Raptor pilots about how dangerous it will be while Lee goes back to leading the Viper pilots. Adama orders everyone in the CIC to shoot at the Cylons until they run out of bullets, then to start throwing rocks. Finally, the Cylons and Starbuck gather around Hybrid Anders to discuss their plan, which involves using him to disrupt the Cylons’ attacks.

The only problem is that the best way to do this is to hook him up in the CIC, so Hybrid Anders and all of his Cylon wires and goo are installed in the CIC. The other Cylon component for the battle is to bring on a bunch of Centurions to help them in the fight.

Finally, before the Galactica goes out on its mission, it has to give the rest of the fleet a new crop of leaders. Lt. Hoshi gets the huge promotion to admiral of the fleet. Wow, first he gets a boyfriend in Gaeta and now this. As for the presidency, that honor goes to none other than Romo Lampkin. I would love to watch that show, with a gay military leader and a con artist lawyer as president.

At the last minute, Baltar decides that he’s going to stay behind. He’s given a gun and sets up in position. Caprica Six joins him on the fighting lines, and after all this time, those two crazy kids have found one another again. While the others take up their military positions, Laura Roslin has become a nurse.

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