Battlestar Galactica: Series Finale "Daybreak, Part II" Recap (Page 1/8)
Battlestar Galactica: Series Finale "Daybreak, Part II" Recap (Page 1/8)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It's the epic series finale of Battlestar Galactica.  Everything has led up to this.  All of this has happened before, but it won't happen again, because this is the end of the line.  Except for the TV movie The Plan.  And the new Caprica series.  But for the actual series, it comes to a close.  Welcome to the Battlestar Galactica series finale.

The finale starts off in a strip club. It’s another flashback to before the fall, and a two-eyed Saul Tigh is getting his best buddy William Adama drunk and offering to buy him a lap dance to celebrate the offer of retirement. Tigh repeatedly screams out for the strippers, making me fall in love with the man Saul Tigh used to be.

Adama doesn’t want to retire and the two get into a drunken argument. If you’re wondering how Ellen Tigh feels about her husband’s love of strip clubs, she’s there too, egging him on.

At Kara Thrace’s apartment, she, Lee and Zak have a debate about politics that leads to a brotherly fight over Lee’s severe daddy issues. He thinks that his dad doesn’t approve of anyone who doesn’t follow his narrow viewpoint. Zak passes out from the alcohol, but Lee and Kara stay up for some more.

Laura Roslin finally meets Shawn Ellison, her blind date. Then she remembers how she recognizes him: he used to be her student. Well here’s to you, Mrs. Roslin-son. She still agrees to go on the date.

After the strip club, William Adama goes outside and throws up on himself. It’s disgusting, but he looks up at the stars and gets this bright twinkle in his eye as he thinks about how much he loves commanding a battlestar.

This takes us back to the present, where Baltar talks to Head Six about whether or not he should go with the Galactica. Meanwhile, Laura Roslin says farewell to Doc Cottle with an emotional speech as he gives her enough medicine to last for two more days.

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