America's Next Top Model Cycle 12: Episode 12 Live Thoughts (Page 1/4)
America's Next Top Model Cycle 12: Episode 12 Live Thoughts (Page 1/4)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
We're one episode away from the finale of Cycle 12 of America's Next Top Model and it's down to the fierce final four: Allison, Aminat, Celia, and Teyona. With a single elimination standing between the girls and the finale, it's do or die time for the models, especially since Tyra Banks will be photographing them this week. As we've seen in previous cycle's, a photo shoot with Tyra can make or break a girl in this competition. If Tyra loves photographing you: your stock is rising. If Tyra doesn't enjoy photographing you: watch out. For her Cycle 12 photo shoot Tyra is stepping out of her comfort zone of black and white beauty shots to photograph the girls as the colorful exotic birds of Brazil. The avian theme of the photo shoot certainly has us asking: who will soar above the competition and who will come crashing to the ground?

Watch with me tonight as we discover together who will be in next week's big finale. After the show, be sure to log on to Twitter and tweet me some questions for my interview tomorrow morning with whoever is eliminated tonight.

It's Top Model time! I can't believe we're one episode away from this Cycle, it zoomed by didn't it? Are you shocked by this cycle's final four? I got two of the final four correct in my pre-cycle predictions, but that didn't include who has become the cycle's obvious front-runner: Teyona.

Teyona is feeling great about her picture being first. She feels she's getting better and better. She also says she's the one people need to watch out for. Talk like this usually spells doom for a contestant, but I'd be beyond shocked if Teyona was eliminated tonight.

Aminat is not excited that Celia is here for another week. While, Allison is glad that her bestie stuck around. Turns out it's going to be the battle of the besties, with Allison & Celia vs. Teyona & Aminat. Choose your sides now America!

The girls get a nonsensical Tyra mail that says "chickiechikcietoomb, chickiechickietoomb" over and over again. Obviously the girls have no clue what that means, but it turns out it's all about the samba.

The girls are greeted at a samba hall by Paulina, who tells the girls the similarities between samba and modeling. Basically they both involve using your body. Really that was the gist of the similarities so deep Paulina, so deep. Aminat is excited about learning the samba, but Allison, not so much. Teyona is also confused about the samba, apparently she has a hard time spinning...thank god the swirl a whirl twins weren't doing a teach this cycle.

Paulina tests the girls to see if they keep model faces while dancing. Celia's up first, Paulina says she looks like royalty, but then says she over works it and wants to win too much. Then Paulina talks about how old Celia is and how she's ancient for the industry, so people can smell her desperation.

Aminat is dancing next and she's a natural dancer. Paulina says she's a girl to contend with on this one. Maybe Aminat will make the final three?

Allison is next, and no surprise, she's not a samba dancer. Paulina says it looked bleak for Allison, who makes nervous mouse faces throughout the dance.

Teyona cannot dance. Sorry, it's just that simple. Teyona has two left feet and Paulina is shocked and disappointed by Teyona's lack of grace. Oooh, is the judges pet crumbling?

Paulina tells the girls to practice their steps tonight, which means they are definitely dancing the samba again very soon.

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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