Top 48 Acts Revealed

Season 6, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 7/6/2011
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Judgment in Las Vegas on ‘America‘s Got Talent‘

Oh man I love Las Vegas week. In any given show, I love Vegas week, but especially the America‘s Got Talent Vegas week. We‘ve cut through most of the crap, and we get to see people step up their respective games. And tonight: DANGER ACTS! There‘s only 17 remaining spots to compete in the endless semi-finals, and it‘s time for the standby acts. First: magicians! And the magicians will drop things and make fun of each other backstage, which might be the best thing to come out of all this. The magician who won his place in Vegas by folding up a lady is next to perform. The peanut gallery of other magicians on standby agree that they have never seen what he‘s doing before (a floating box with his folded up lady in it!).
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