First 12 of 48 Acts Perform

Season 6, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 7/12/2011
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The ‘AGT‘ Quarter-Finals Begin with Motorcycles, Parrots, and a Bed of Nails

I came into this episode three minutes late, but it doesn‘t appear that mattered, because four minutes in, we were still applauding for the great and powerful judges, who appeared in a shower of flames. But you know, the 12 acts appearing tonight will have to leave it all on stage, Nick is wearing a blue jacket, so on and so forth. The Miami All-Stars are up first. They‘re a big group of ballroom dancers. But can they re-work their routine to new music that has been cleared? Are the Kings of Leon to blame? I‘ve never been a huge fan of ballroom, so I can‘t say that an even larger group than normal doing it is appealing to me, personally, but it was fine. Piers loved it, naturally. Howie and Sharon thought it was hot. There‘s just ... so many of them.
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