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Season 5, Episode 30 -  Air Date: 9/8/2010
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The final four acts perform.

The ‘America‘s Got Talent‘ Finals

Tonight, in a refreshing change of decorum, Nick Cannon brought out the final four acts for extended praise instead of the judges. Even though the show is only an hour tonight, there is still a fair amount of obligatory reflective fluff. Because giving each act ten minutes would be preposterous, I suppose. Sharon is looking like she just stepped out of the Emerald City but I‘m not mad at it.So what is Prince Poppycock going to do tonight? After perplexing me yet again with how different he is out of costume, Prince Poppycock brings us a delightful narrative about rescuing a princess, who is suspended by wires. He‘s also going back to old-school opera (arias?), which I like but often makes true opera afficionados angry. Don‘t make the opera people angry, or Piers, who gave Prince Poppycock an X. Sharon, on the other hand, gave him a standing ovation. I‘ll give Piers this, it was a little weird and less fun than normal. I agree with Piers that it took itself a little too seriously. Did he blow it?
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