Results Show #4

Season 5, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 8/10/2010
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12 acts from YouTube perform.

Hey America, YouTube‘s ‘Got Talent‘, Too ... Kind Of

The show opens with Nick Cannon on a "webcam." He‘s just like us! Tonight 12 YouTube acts will compete for a spot with our current Top 16.  Did I see a dog act? "America" selected one of the Top 12, and the judges chose the other 11. After the obligatory five to ten minutes of judge worship (and Howie re-affirming that being on stage is terrifying and the internet is America‘s toughest anonymous critic), the show is underway. PLUtonic, from Tacoma Washington, is a college acapella group. Oh boy, we knew there would be at least one (some group who missed the boat for
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