Results Show #3

Season 5, Episode 18 -  Air Date: 8/3/2010
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12 acts compete.

America‘s Got Talent: The Final 12 Send the Quarter-Finals Off with a Bang

I have been waiting for tonight, not just because it concludes the quarter-finals, but because there are some specific acts I know we‘ve all been waiting to see (Prince Poppycock, ArcAttack, and Mary Ellen).  I‘m also interested to see Strikers All Stars and MURRAY. I feel . . . ambivalent about seeing Da Maniacs, but I‘ll keep an open mind. They do seem hilarious. One of you mentioned last week in the comments that not all of these acts could contend on America‘s Best Dance Crew because of age restrictions and I hadn‘t thought about that, so I‘ll stop with the "why not that show" business. Piers gave them the first X of the evening (not the last, I‘m sure), but they made me laugh and I think I liked them even more than some of the more technically advanced dance groups. Howie said (somewhere within that string of nonsense) that their performance was somewhere in the middle, and it probably will be.
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